1 year on,,,

I wrote this one a year after to mark where I was.

It was a look back to where I had been and how anything that happened got me to where I was then.

A Step Forward

A year has passed and time has told

the love I felt has not run cold.

I still remember all the times we shared

and I hope you remember how much I cared.

I felt from you no judgment there

only that your opinion was kind and fair.

I felt your support even though you were torn,

the one thing I never felt was scorn.

I tried my best maybe it wasn’t enough

especially when I got angry and in a huff.

I shouldn’t have let my fears overtake.

It’s hard not to act when your heart is at stake.

The feelings I felt all felt so true,

from the ecstasy to the downright blue.

They were all opened up from one extreme to the next

from the passionate feelings to the feeling vexed.

If it’s about taking the good with the bad

then the happiness will live alongside the mad.

If it’s about controlling the extremities

then can I stay right in the middle please?

Thank you for reading 💖



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