60 Years

I had looked for many ways of piecing together the missing links to my Mum and her Dad.

I always felt there was so much hurt there that had never been healed, so much damage carried through her life, our lives and that getting back there would help us all along the way.

I was so right!

Whilst searching and searching for information I came across an event at Westminster Abbey to commemorate 60 years since the Korean war ended.

We got dressed up and we represented our Dad/Grandad.

It could have been seen as one of the saddest days, but there was also happiness.

It was a chance for my Mum to remember her Dad and not be told she wasn’t allowed to talk about him in case she upset anyone.

I really connected with what my Mum said that day and now know where my own fear came from.

Perhaps I was even told this?

I remember hearing that my Mum and brother spoke of my Dad, yet my Mum and I never did.

Did I just pick it up the lack of communication from my Mum’s experience?

I’m not sure!

60 Years

I was so excited!

Sleep was not quite near.

A Memorial Service for my Granddad; Killed In Action in Korea.

Along with all the others

whose lives were lost back then.

60 years of sorrow for all those Service Men.

Off to Westminster Abbey with my Mum, to finally heal.

It’s amazing,

the commemoration actually made things real.

Sweet memories began to form

of being on the back of his bike,

growing into a conversation about the amount that I would like

both my Grandad and my Nan,

whom both have passed on now.

Stating how I’m like my Nan and the reasons how.

The service gave a chance for us to lay some ghosts to rest.

To hear my Mum talk of them

made me glad I sought the quest.

A few more pieces slotted in about the lack of chance to grieve

and the tears dropped at The Last Post healed like you wouldn’t believe.


during a lovely lunch and a chance to reminisce,

I discovered that nothing was talked about;

I now understand this.

The healing that took place today was for my Mum and me.

For my Mum to release her blocks

and for me to finally see

how not being given a chance to grieve

makes you feel that something’s wrong

and eventually when the time comes

the road to there is long.

Today was the last step for the grief.

For my Mum this was the start

of her journey

on through the rest of her life with a joyful, happy heart.

Thank you for reading 💖

In the last year, leading up to the 70th anniversary, someone came into our lives that visits the memorial in Korea and they lay roses for us.

This year, on the 70th Anniversary year, a card, written by my Mum’s own hand will be laid on the memorial with the roses.

Although my Mum is not likely to physically visit, it’s been a heart and soul healing journey for her and the following generations to have been gifted this privilege.



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