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This one I wrote about how I felt people made assumptions about me when I tell them what has happened in my life.

I was told once I treated certain people certain ways to make things happen that I have been part of.

I was shocked!

It made me wonder what others thought when I told them things about me.

My life has been a lifelong search and I didn’t know who I was, so how can others know, in some cases a matter of weeks or months?

Especially someone who only took one fact and then decided themselves what my life was about from it!?

It made me see how some people’s judgements didn’t ring true.

So, this is my journey,,,

This is my discovery,,,

This is me!


People like to make assumptions

about where they think you are

and most

without even finding out.

This I find bizarre!

Those I tell about my life

think I have a pretext;

little do they realise

I’m on the path of what is next.

Next, that is, what is for me;

what’s next for me to find out.

The pieces of my puzzle filled

and removing any doubt

of who, I feel, I really am;

some know this from the start;

and understand I’ve walked along

with a severely broken heart.

Someone who was close to me

Chose their time to go

and from that day

a lot more went,

even me,

I did not know.

I found out things along the way

some this seemed to fill,

there has also been an awful lot

that time seemed to keep still.

I’ve grew up never knowing

about people in my family

and that can have a big effect

on who you seem to be.

Genealogy is important.

It’s great when you find things out.

It can help you fill your jigsaw

when it reveals the facts about

the people who make up you,

showing parts that carve your way,

creating more of the picture

of the things you never knew.

When I started my journey

it’s like I had a world of maps

yet none of them seemed to link up.

There was a lot of gaps.

This may be what people tend to sense

so, they try to fill them for me

by stating what they think they are

and trying to change my path for me.

Then what they seem to do instead

is presume and think they know;

little seeming to realise

I am letting my puzzle grow.

I’m bringing my gaps together.

The picture is becoming clear.

I’m finding out my history

and building my frontier

and yes,

some may still be unknown

but it isn’t in a mess.

It’s actually going really well

until people try to guess

and are actually getting things wrong

because they don’t take the time to see,

to listen,

to hear what I am saying.

How it all just sets me free.

Free from being hidden,

allowing myself to grow.

Who I am from who has walked before

and fulfils my desire to know.

Thank you for reading 💖



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