Beginnings and Endings

This one is inspired by the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I have seen.

I just love them!

They warm my being!

They truly amaze me!

They are one of the things in life like rainbows, moonbows, full moons, eclipses, meteor showers, planet alignments, oceans, woodlands, naturally occurring things that inspire my life!

They give me life!

They show me life!

They make my life worthwhile!

They help me escape the humdrum of life.

They, just, are life itself!

I drive to work early before a lot of the world is awake and I witness many life moments.

Some I manage to capture, all capture me!

In those times it’s just me and the phenomenon.

I love it!

Beginnings and Endings

Dusk and dawn,

sunset and sun rise,

are my favourite times of the day.

It’s here when I look up at the sky

I can see beauty on display.

This really looks amazing,

splashes of oranges, reds and pinks

just as the sun is waking up

or going for its forty winks.

Capturing my heart and gaze,

trying to comprehend the thought

that such a sight is formed from haze

and in admiration I am caught.

When I witness a sunset

it creates a sense of awe,

a sight of great magnificence,

that nothing in life can flaw.

To be up in the morning

and see the rise of the sun

holds the significant meaning

that a new day has begun

Nothing in life can match them,

each one different within each day


like a fingerprint,

they are unique in their own way.

Thank you for reading 💖



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