Dream Bubbles

Jo Elliott
1 min readDec 30, 2021


This one I wrote after drawing a picture of dream bubbles or did I write the poem first, can’t remember

Each bubble was unique

Some had popped

Some had rainbows

Others had other signification

Dream Bubbles

What happens when your dreams change

or indeed your reality?

Do you realise that you’re just there to see how life can be?

Almost like a 2-year film is flashed in seconds flat

that makes you suddenly decide you don’t want a part of that.

Do you ignore the questions that arise then in your head?

Do you listen and work through them

weighing everything up instead?

Do you just follow your gut and let it lead your way?

After all it’s your reality

that you will live each day.

Is there a touch of disappointment

that things aren’t always as they seem?

Do you climb down from the bubble

and put it down to the bigger scheme?

Do you shrug and consider it was not meant to be

and realise not everything you’re able to foresee?

As directions change,

sometimes so fast,

outlooks in life can then contrast.

Do you just take it all

within your stride,

which then frees the ache that’s grown inside

and that even if something else is in force

your life can take whatever course?

Do you then


open your eyes and see that no matter what

you will be happy?

Thank you for reading 💖



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