This was me acknowledging me!

The parts I lost!

The parts retrieved

My fragmented soul booted out the one thing that kept me here

And slowly but surely it returned, healed

It was an honour to write this one!

I have heard so many people blah blahing about ego and actually this was mine returning to become part of me again

And I welcome it with all my heart and soul!


You keep me grounded between fantasy and real.

You protect me when I choose to conceal.

You nurture me when I need to heal.

You give me knowledge that I just feel.

You show me how to swaddle me.

You give me the space to just be.

You open my eyes so I can see

a world so amazing and full of beauty.

You’re there for me when I breakout.

You walk me through all shades of doubt

within the unchartered pathways that I scout

while I discover what life’s about.

You allow me the freedom to blossom and grow.

You open so that love can flow.

For all of this,

I thank you Jo!

Everything to you I owe!

Thank you for reading 💖



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