How Do You Do?


How are you?

In spirituality it seems there is no such thing!

ie. Giving someone the freedom to share what they wish to share!

Instead people like to read other people auras and second guess where they may be in their journey.

Well, I wear my aura with pride!

Everything is there!

And it gives me great pleasure to see the cogs of someone’s mind working through what they see and forming an opinion!

Because it is there that they do what they do to themselves!

It is their own pathway they then choose to either stay or leave walking beside my own!

I cannot change anything from my past!

It is my past that has brought me here today!









You name it, it has shaped me into who I am today!

And it is written in my aura!

So, if someone wants to read it, that is their choice, although their opinion is not the truth!

Remember that!

My life is my life!

My pathway is my life!

Your opinion does not make my life!

How Do You Do?

Do you walk life’s pathways and see the signs?

Do you wonder what each of them defines?

Or do you simply walk without a care

ignoring anything that may be there?

Does it matter what we do?

Is it for others or us to construe?

Does it even matter what it may mean

as it’s merely a share of what has been seen?

It’s natural for two or more to converse

and it is just as natural to be diverse.

It’s inspiring to share the walk that you’ve done

and others will see how it has been fun.

Even times that were somewhat hard

can be shared with a high regard.

Creating an understanding between you and me

and opening a space to fit naturally.

Thank you for reading 💖



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