L and R

Jo Elliott
1 min readDec 30, 2021


One morning I put my shoes on the wrong feet and it actually felt nice

It felt like I was rebelling from the norm and I enjoyed it and this poem was the result

L and R

When you put your foot inside the wrong shoe

It can feel like it’s not right for you.

The shape of the shoe feels a bit strange

making you think that you need to change.

Your foot is opposite to the shape of the shoe

and looking down shows a different view.

So just for a tick and just for fun

you stick your foot in the other one.

You then wander about with a great big smile

because there’s a realisation that it’s been a while

since you put your shoes on the wrong feet

and it actually feels really neat

to completely shrug off

doing things the right way,

exactly as you feel to do every day;

and remember a time you were constantly told

your shoes were on wrong

and inside your eyes rolled.

“No they aren’t”

but no-one heard!

It was actually the way I preferred!

But hey!

I guess life soon moulds you

and you start to do what’s normal to do.

So just for today I’m gonna rebel!

The normality of life I’m gonna dispel

and give myself the biggest treat!

Today I’m gonna wear my shoes on the wrong feet!

Thank you for reading 💖



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