Moon Musings

Jo Elliott
3 min readDec 16, 2021

Where does the moon go?

Does it means it’s not there when you don’t see it?

It’s in your heart!

You still think of it

It’s still remembered

It returns in a different way

But it returns

Cycles of life defined as the cycles of the moon.


To the moon is where I’ve been drawn.

Sometimes this is where I have been most torn.

I could never let any of this stop me

And it’s now led me to make a discovery.

I found out I was born in the Balsamic Phase

and it has been one of the best days.

Finding this out has put me back on track

and shown me why my journey has contained some flack.

It’s helped me make sense of some times that have been

especially the times when I found nothing to mean.

When I literally just had to get up and go

with only my gut feeling telling me so

and trying to do all I could to extend.

It all just comes down to it was the time to end.

The last shard of light left in the sky.

The end of a cycle,

time to say goodbye.

Then a waiting to create something new;

a step into darkness, before the light comes back through.

Like winter,

a rest,

before the ending

and that split point of the seasons blending.


With the waning moon

we say goodbye to the old year

and the start of the next phase

is very near.

A new year

and a new moon

2 signs of what

is beginning soon.

Within each of these stages

emotions I can feel.

With both of them together

it’s hard to conceal.

So with it I go

I weep if I’m to

or laugh

or do what my heart wants to do.

As we say goodbye to ’13

and to ’14 we say hello

the moon is at its darkest

and so they both will grow.

Grasp the new

as the old you fling

and enjoy

whatever this time will bring.


I often wonder what I see

as you light up the darkened night for me.

Forever changing,

not always in sight

at the times when you omit no light.

If you could speak, what would you say?

Would you highlight your flow as you ebb away?

Would you tell us

that even though you’re not seen

you’re still there,

it’s not where you have been?

With one half awake and the other asleep

it’s how, an eye,

on the world you keep.

With each new phase you can wane or wax,

although this is to rest

not your power to lapse.


Tonight your brightness lights up the sky.

The power you omit makes me want to cry.

This does not falter as you start to wane.

It simply enhances your shared domain.

You cast shadows,

from being almost as bright,

as you may see in the daytime from the sun light.

Such a pleasure to wake within the glow

you formed on my pillow

as you shone through my window.

So high in the sky with an aura so wide

you have a presence even the clouds cannot hide.

Now that you’ve created an energy askew

you take the first step

on your way now to new.


I am so excited

yet I don’t know what for

tonight there is a happening

with the moon that I adore.

Cycles in a month

that amount to two


when the moon is new.


Now a beautiful half moon

still shining bright

you’ve changed your pathway

of when you are seen at night.

I don’t see you now

until the dawn

yet to your last quarter

I am drawn.

The angle now

that you are to the sun

helps me see your features

still as one.


There again this morning

within my first sight

was the beautiful moon

still shining bright.

Thank you for reading 💖



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