My Doorway

After I was given the key, I then discovered my doorway.

My doorway represents my spiritual channel, my cat represents those who have access through their own entrance whom I love and trust and anyone who lives there has their own key.

If it’s locked then you need a key to enter, but sometimes I will leave it open and those who want to share my channel can.

I laid my boundaries early on within my spirituality and it has worked for me, it’s one of the one areas in my life I have set particular boundaries in because I realised the importance of me being a channel for the work, either messages or healing.

Through setting my boundaries there I was able to use them as a guide to set them in other areas too.

My Doorway

It opens.

It closes.

It’s locked up at night

and I can sleep soundly

knowing all is alright.

My cat can wander

in and out of his flap.

The cold air can enter here

if it’s open a gap.

Those whom have access

as in my home they live,

to keep it locked

a key

to them I give.

A gate right there beyond it,

for my garden,

to keep secure;

is a bit of extra protection for my door.

When unlocked it’s break time

and time for me to take stock.

To visit me at these times

there’s no need to knock.

Open to the world,


yet free,

to anyone who wants to

if it’s me they want to see.

When it’s locked up tightly

so I can reset my pace,

it’s still available for access,

as a doorbell is in place.

Thank you for reading 💖



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