My Favourite Time of Day

Jo Elliott
1 min readJan 7, 2022



My favourite time of the day

I am a morning person!

I love the mornings!

My Favourite Time of Day

Don’t you just love the mornings

when the sun comes out to play?

Opening up to the newness

of each exciting start to the day.

I really love the mornings!

Each one is clear and fresh!

When I think of my favourite time

I get tingles and goose flesh.

I wake up fully rested

ready to start again,

each time with a new wonder

of what this new day may contain.

In winter it can start quite late

and you can get to see day break

and spend some time in silence

before the birds awake.

In summertime the birds wake you

because the nights aren’t very long.

It’s lovely when you open your eyes

to the sound of their morning song.

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