This one came about as I tried to get my head round why people play around, almost deliberately, go all out to f**k around with other people’s lives, emotions, feelings, love, relationships.

This seems to be in 4 different stages, the questions, the answers and the result of finding these out and then the outcome.

Firstly it was about a collective ‘we’, this I would say was about removing yourself from the situation, knowing it isn’t just you, in a sense of there are others out there who have experienced the same and also that you’re not the first, nor, sadly, will you be the last to be treated in that way by people like that or indeed that person.

The next part was the journey to see where you are and where you’ve been in order to build up your own courage, confidence, self worth and self esteem.

The next one is to find the answers, see the answers, see your own part and see their part.

All the while growing into your own self again!

In a lot of ways it is about gaining back the control, yet this time in an empowering way, rather than just being powerful, which is what people who tread with fear do.

I made a few changes in this final edit, but the main body of the poem stays the same.


What are the signs of a player?

How do we know what they set out to do?

What makes us a victim?

Is it that we’re clear and true?

Do we have a certain naivety?

Is it because we trust

or is it that we build a wall and break it down they must?

Is it that we’re their reflection

yet they seem to recognise it more?

Is it because we show vulnerabilities that they can get in the door?

Do we see the vulnerabilities they hide behind their fear

or the barricade that they put up

so they don’t let anyone near?

Do they see in us how it can be done

yet they understand it not,

so they try to make us see it’s wrong

and hurt us such a lot?

When they see our pain,

it serves

as a reminder for them,

you see.

They then continue to shut us out

so they can then just be.

We let their words inflict pain,

we’ll even accept the fists

and even when we try to talk,

our words are given twists.

This seems to give them power,

it keeps them on a high,

they then step up and manipulate and inside we start to cry.

We lose our intuition,

our faith resumes to lies,

our confidence is at a low and our self-esteem just dies.

We believe that we are useless

and see their words as true

and disbelieve what we once felt

and think we’re rubbish too.

How did we lose our self-worth?

Why did it stray aside?

What made us stop believing in ourselves

and lose our sense of pride?

We search and search through all our years

from birth to where we are,

anything we once achieved

seems as distant at a star.

We then find the twinkle

and a way to bring us back,

something to find pride in

and put us back on track.

We realise we’re not useless,

to love was our only crime

and although we discover all that hurts,

we may do it another time.

Although, we may then be wary,

we’ll not come in as far

we’ll take a worthwhile step back

to see if part of it we are.

We’ll feel inside our feelings,

they have not gone away.

We’ll fight to see if they’ve been destroyed

and realise they’re here to stay.

This time we may be doubtful

with caution our middle name

because we want to eradicate from our minds

that ‘men are all the same’.

The faith we have inside us

stops us feeling blue,

we open our hearts up to the world and find a love that’s true.

It starts within our own hearts,

our self-worth starts to grow

and our self-esteem and confidence, in everything, will flow.

We recognise the signs then,

we see them very clear.

We see the ones who barricade and live their lives in fear.

We recognise the lies they tell,

we’re open to their deceit.

We allow them to try and play their games

and into our lives we greet.

We show them we’re not stupid

even if it’s what they believe,

we knock down all their barriers and our love they do receive.

We don’t use them to be powered,

we just show them the way to be,

we let them see what they’re missing

and that our love is free.

Free to do with it what we want

and to spread it all around.

Little do they realise into their hearts it’s bound.

They’ll continue with their stupid games

and try to keep crushing you

yet your life goes along just brilliantly

and they carry on making do.

Their next one’s already lined up

they were searching while with you

just in case there came a time you started to see through.

They’ll make out they are happy,

they’ll contact you to tell.

You’ll see their lives progressing along

and they’ll pretend that all is well.

Yet, you’re the one they turn to

when they need to face the fear,

the reason that they do this

is that they want you near.

They need you in their life you see,

to guide them on their way,

because of the strength they see in you

they start to doubt their play.

The arrogance and power

That their ego kept so high

starts to then get lowered

and inside it starts to die.

One day they may just recognise

the way they made you feel,

this all depends if they make believe

or find inside what’s real.

When they reside in make believe

they’ll cast people away.

Those who know the person you are

will be the ones who stay.

Some people will go with the player

they’ll believe the lies so clear,

yet little do they realise

it’s because they also fear.

They may not end up as players too

though they’ll live their lives in doubt.

The players who played you

will play them too

and turn their lives about.

This you cannot take on,

this is for them to see,

find joy and happiness inside yourself

and live a life that’s free.

Free from any burdens

that may just cause you pain.

Open your heart to love and joy

and feel happiness again.

Allow the doubt to come in,

let it rear its head

and when you let it go this time

the love will grow instead.

It will grow there getting stronger

each second of every day

and allow you just to live your life

and love in your own way.

Fear not those out to get you,

just recognise the signs,

embrace them

and allow them just to be

with what goes on in their minds.

Rejoice in the faith

what you have found

so deep inside of you

and allow yourself to wallow

in a love that is so true.

Thank you for reading 💖



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