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This one I wrote to explain that we are connected regardless of anything that we may consider to be different and that we all bring our own ‘thing’ to the world, whatever that may be.

We are all of equal importance; we each deserve to be listened to and understood.

It doesn’t mean that we have to accept everything about someone, it means that we each have our own place and deserve for this to be recognised.

Soul Connections

You get a feeling deep inside,

it’s something you just know.

When the point to move on is

and it’s time for you to go.

It’s something you’re prepared for,

all the signs are there.

Do you hold on tight to what you know

or do you lay your life out bare?

These are times that we don’t think of

the time with them so fast,

it tends to be

when things have grown

that we expect it more to last.

It’s if we’ve built up feelings

and most important trust,

that we consider

having them

within our lives a must.

It’s when we give a part of us

for someone else to hold

we put our faith

in all they do,

regardless of what we’re told.

We then feel disappointed

when it starts to come to an end

and with all our might and struggle

we feel it’s ours to mend.

It takes some time to realise

that it’s time to live for you

and that it doesn’t really matter

what other people do.

If you are there to influence

you’ll do it anyway.

Your time will make a difference

no matter how long you stay.

So go about your daily life,

feel love

without the fear,

realise your presence

is the reason you are here,

be it standing at the bus stop

or as a lifelong friend.

The time span’s not important

nor the money that you spend.

Love you and accept you,

care not what others’ say,

think of it as learning

as you walk along your way.

Let others hold

what they believe,

accept the faith that’s yours,

even if we disagree,

it doesn’t mean there’s flaws.

As you then walk

along your way,

hold out an open hand,

accept what’s given in return

and you’ll start to understand.

It matters not whose better,

we’re adding all the way.

The knowledge

that we share in life

is out there every day.

Take the time to listen,

even if you don’t agree.


what we each believe

is the road that sets us free.

It’s not about competition

or whether we lose or win.

It’s about making time

to understand

not who makes the loudest din.

Thank you for reading 💖



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