Jo Elliott
2 min readDec 24, 2021


Within this one I acknowledged my senses, including those we don’t acknowledge.

I felt alive.

I felt.

Each sense brought a feeling of life within me.

I ended the poem with it won’t be in just moments, I can live it every day.

And this I do.

Some things still inspire me.

Some things still fill me with awe!

But I live every day with them.



The whisper of what isn’t said,

a taste of something on your tongue;

the ‘flash’ of someone passing by,

today I feel like spring has sprung.

The feel of life beginning,

my nose aware of smell,

my hands tingling to reach out to others

whilst feeling the boundaries in place as well.

It’s like I’m tasting food for the first time

with taste buds so alive

and with the enjoyment of the food I’m eating

I can feel my body thrive.

I can hear a distant bird call

or the rumble of a plane.

All separate and singular

and pleasure for my brain.

Smell was my first sense heightened.

Aromas seemed so strong.

I’m glad that this one has settled

I can’t stand the chemical pong.

The rest they followed on from this

I became aware of them one by one.

Each of them enhancing

felt like a fine web being spun.

Each with their own compartments

yet linked in every way.

As one is nudged, the others then,

also come to play.

The smell of something cooking,

then the sight of this I see

the taste followed by eating;

it’s a co-joined set of three.

My senses have awoken


not only just the five.

All of them together make me feel alive.

Whether it’s ESP or not

I do not have a care.

I will enjoy my time with it

and float through life aware.

It’s opened up such beauty ,

within which

time I spend in awe,

floating around in amazement

and also grounded to the floor.

At times I can just float away

and reside within this realm.

Flying high in a bubble

sitting in sights that overwhelm.

I can then keep some of this too

for when I’m back on the ground;

then things can tickle at my senses

and create moments so profound.

I love living with this feeling

and now I know the way

it won’t be just rare moments.

I can live it every day!

Thank you for reading 💖



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