The Chimney Pot

I wrote this one when one day I looked up and saw that the chimney pot had become a flower pot.

How where the birds sit on the chimneys and spread their seeds, a plant has grown.

It always makes me smile to see a plant growing out of a chimney.

It shows me how something that used to be of an important use can be changed into something so wonderful.

Nature is wonderful!

The Chimney Pot

What’s become of the chimney pot

with its wisps of smoke

when the fire’s hot?

A place now for the birds to meet

and spread the seeds

from what they eat.

Have you noticed

little plants now grow

from the place

the smoke did flow?

It’s strange

to see them popping out

bringing life to bricks and grout.

It’s now become a flower pot,

so null and void

a chimney’s not.

No longer choking up the sky,

it’s holding splendour

way up high.

Thank you for reading 💖



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