The End of a Tether

Jo Elliott
1 min readJan 20, 2022


When I read this one I get the feeling I have reached the end of the road.

The end of a journey!

The end of where fear keeps me, kept me.

All of the courage to take that first step is a reflection of taking that very first step into the unknown, full of fear and now the fear of that has been resolved; this fear is a ‘normal’ fear.

This fear isn’t made up of irrational, unresolved issues, this fear is made up of a natural response to not knowing quite what is going to happen, yet excited about it instead of at every turn looking for that rock to hide under.

This step is the very first step of the rest of your life.

The End of a Tether

Grippling and grappling,

nowhere to turn,

knowing that the end is near.

Walking along

with nothing to hold on to

because this is the last step of fear.

With the final break

freedon comes,

the past is all but contained

in a memory box,


but not in place

and the shackles have been unchained.

What will there be

without all this now?

For so long it’s been the way!

Now all of the courage

to take that first step

will be there from that very first day.

All of the strength

that has been gained

will carry you forward and on.

There is space to fill

with all that is good

now that everything else is all gone.

Thank you for reading 💖



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