The Leap of Faith

Jo Elliott
4 min readOct 20, 2021

This one I wrote when I felt I was taking a leap of faith.

I was surrendering to the love I felt.

Giving in to being in love.

Doing what I wanted to do.

Having put everything in place to make it happen.

I felt supported enough to make the step.

I felt that we had worked everything out enough for me to be able to make the move.

When I wrote this poem, it was like I knew I was ready to be an equal in a relationship.

Stand tall and be counted!

I dealt with a lot and managed to make the move, then know when I needed to leave.

There was a belief in place that I was being someone I wasn’t, yet I was being me.

I concentrated on my journey.

I carried on taking my steps.

I gained my own strength.

I continued to live my life.

When it ended it felt better than when it was all happening.

It was like a relief!

They were the catalyst for me to cherish myself so when it all ended, I wasn’t missing anything.

I had gained myself and would continue with that.

The Leap of Faith

Swimming across the abyss,

where the water is so deep,

surely if I need to stop,

I’ll enter eternal sleep.

All that I have within me

is breath and length of arm

and the ability to kick my legs

to keep me safe from harm.

I went in for the first dip.

I panicked and struggled free.

I got back to the waters’ edge

to take some time for me.

I sat there on the rock pile

to take in all the length;

to make it to the other side,

will I have the strength?

Holding in a breath of mine

and trying to set the pace.

Trying to work out

the time it will take

until I next touch base.

I know I can swim strongly

and I can float upon my back,

maybe it won’t be so hard

for me to stay on track.

It’s what is there beneath me,

within those waters deep,

what may also be waiting

when I take my leap.

Is this marred with fear though

or is it just unknown?

This will be a chance for me

to see how much I’ve grown.

Do I want to see this?

Do I have a need

or can I now just free the way

for me to just proceed?

I cannot

at all

just jump in.

I’ll climb down from the side.

Easing myself in gently

so I have time to bide

the temperature,

the emotions,

the feeling of nothing below.

Getting myself ready

so I can just let go.

I grip with my foot underneath

to find a place to push.

It is time to get going!

Breath in!


Off I go

with not too much back flow.

Kicking for now

until I become slow,

then arm stretched,

ready to grip my way through.

Left then right,

until I need breath anew.

I’ve no idea how far I’ve gone.

My head is in the water down.

It’s only if I stop now

that I fear that I may drown.

On and on,

I cannot stop now.

All that I have

to this I endow.

I don’t want to see

what may be below.

I can just carry on

there’s no need to know

what may hinder my way

or even get me to stop.

It may soon be time for me

to venture to a swap,

of swimming to floating,

but then there’s the restart.

I could grab a quick breath

if I plan my time smart.

So with a roll of my arm

and a tip further one way,

a quick intake of breathe

gives me time to play.



How long has it been?

This distance seems much further

than what I have seen.

Keep going!

Keep going!

You cannot stop now!

Come on!

Come on!

Onwards you must plough!

Getting tired…

Not sure if I’ll make

the place I have to reach

for the next step I must take.

Then just as I may

be ready to give up

there’s something there solid

for my hand to cup.

I’ve done it!

I’ve reached the other side!

I’ve swam the abyss!

The great divide!

With the little strength left

I pull myself out

and take a well earned rest

before I give my big shout!

My own appreciation

for my inner strength.

Knowing now

I can walk any length.

There’s no challenge left.

It’s all now a ride

of walking along

with someone

by my side.

The cavern was the heart

I have for me.

I had to cross it

to see what love would be

and now that I have

the higher heart waits

and this I will now

leave up to the fates.

Being there is such a relief.

This truly is the end

of all the steps of grief.

The things that got in the way

of any love that came along,

preventing me from growing,

trying to keep me strong.

Well my strength has shown

its real self now

and that is within release.

Surrendering to all

that was for me

so I now can be at peace.

Thank you for reading 💖



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