The Missing Piece

This one I wrote following 36 years of not knowing much about my Dad, not having anywhere to commemorate him and then finding him.

There was a particular time that I noticed little girls with their Daddies and it hurt that I don’t remember having this with my Dad.

Also at this time people started communicating about my Dad more, my Mum told me stuff, my best mate’s Mum told me stuff.

This made it even more painful because I didn’t have it anymore.

Then it kicked in that I recognised that I knew when he was with me, walking beside me, even though it was spiritually, he was still there and this can’t be taken away from me no matter what.

That is our time, these are my signals, I may not be able to feel and see you with your physical self but spiritually we have a bond that has a great strength.

I cannot change what has happened, nothing I do can bring you back, but with the discovery of our spiritual selves I can go on with my life knowing you are walking beside and this will give me the strength I need to carry on and live for us both.

The Missing Piece

I keep seeing little girls with their Daddies

and watching the love that they share.

It takes me to conversations that I have had

with people who told of your care.

They said I was always in your arms

and you hugged me each chance that you got

and now I know when you’re close to me;

I feel my kidneys get hot.

I know that you place your arms round me.

I feel I can lean on your chest,

knowing I can’t do it physically

has caused me to feel some unrest.

I miss you right here in my lifetime

more than ever before,

the hole that I felt from you missing

today feels particularly sore.

I’ve cried from the loss that I’m feeling

even though I feel you so close.

The warmth that I feel when you’re near me

makes me yearn for the real thing the most!

I look back to the day that I found you.

That day my life took a turn;

I remember the day you came close then

and how it felt for my back to burn.

To feel this pulls on my heartstrings

yet also makes me feel glad,

to experience it actually happening

helps me see what I had with my Dad.

Nothing can take this from in me,

not even the fact that you’ve died.

I know that I’ve only to think of you

to feel my heart open so wide.

I know what I feel is us healing

and bringing us closer still,

then on I’ll walk into the world

with the love that only you can fill.

To know that you’re right there beside me

gives me strength and braves my heart,

to go forth and continue with my life

and feel each step that you’re there to take part.

I try not to dwell on what’s missing,

only of what now will be.

With our love and strength now united

I’ll walk now with you beside me.

Thank you for reading 💖

Me,,, My words, my writing, my poetry, my craft, my loves, my inspirations, my muses, my depths, my joys, my life,,,

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Jo Elliott

Jo Elliott

Me,,, My words, my writing, my poetry, my craft, my loves, my inspirations, my muses, my depths, my joys, my life,,,

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