The Queen Wasp

This poem I wrote when a wasp nest turned up in my garden.

It wasn’t the best thing to share space with but they aren’t in the same league as bees and if you want to get rid of them you have to get an exterminator in.

I phoned one and as I listened to the horror story of what he would do and what then the wasps would do I was horrified!

I knew I couldn’t take responsibility of this and equally didn’t want them in my garden, so I considered if I had a wee chat with the Queen it might work.

And it did!

I was so pleased!

It felt amazing!

Still does!

I’m still so grateful that it worked!

The Queen Wasp

I walked into my garden

and there so plain to see

was a nest created by wasps.

Boy, it put the wind up me!

I checked to see if it was bees

as they are protected

then I could have called a beekeeper

to get the nest collected.


it was a wasp’s nest

so I made a call or two

to exterminators to try and sort it out,

which in my heart,

wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I listened to what they told me

and the resolution didn’t sit right,

I wondered what it was I could do

that was respectful and polite.

The process would make them angry

and quite rightly so.

There had to be a way for me

to just encourage them to go.

I figured out what I would do,

to the Queen I’d speak.

I knew that if she left the nest

it was her, the rest, would seek.

So, I went out to my garden,

my guts were twisting with fright

and I suggested a new place to the Queen

that was safe and out of sight.

I gave her compass directions

and thanked them for coming to stay

and lo and behold the next afternoon

the nest had gone away.

I used to see them as a nuisance

and actually held a fear;

now I try to hold a mutual respect

when they come anywhere near.

Even though I was scared of them

I could not exterminate.

I’m glad that the Queen listened to me

and chose to co-operate.

Thank you for reading 💖



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