What is it I feel?

This one was a journey into self criticism and how we are our own worst enemies when it comes to judgements and how if someone is being nice how it can have the adverse affect when the journey starts.

It’s also about what can be done to come out of that web, how to find yourself, your talent, your worth and your reason to be here and live.

I immersed myself in a creative bubble, I wrote my journal, I expressed in poetry, I doodled, I drew what was in my mind and also I spoke with a confident flow.

I was aware of my journey; I was simply placing it all in the right place.

Sometimes what I wrote served as a reminder at different places and times in order to decipher every tiny part and when I saw these working I was able to confidently share my knowledge with others who walked into my pathway.

Be it a few words at a brief meeting or an ongoing journey with someone, the fact that our journeys had met was significant to both of us and each able to take something away with us.


Emotions can be low and high,

they can make you laugh,

they can make you cry.

Feeling them can cause some strain,

whatever they are they can be a drain.

When you feel good,

there’s still some doubt,

we all find things we’re not happy about.

Too fat,

too thin,

too tall

or too short.

We all dwell in the self critical web

when we’re caught.

Instead of staying positive

from the high that we feel

we can make our own lows

to try and keep it real.

Keeping it real though

can cause great stress

and make you feel like your head’s in a mess.

A battle then goes on inside of you

because it feels like you’re fighting

two points of view.

People can say things that help you feel nice

when you approach them for some advice.

This makes you feel unworthy and you doubt that it’s true

because you don’t even know

who is the real you!

It’s then time to delve and become self aware

and focus on the things that will help you to care

about you as a person and realize you are

worthy of the good things in life,

by far!

Eradicate the bad thoughts

that cause you to doubt

and start living your life

as if you have some clout.

Everyone has a talent,

a reason to live!

Find out what it is to the world you can give.

Remove the doubt and you will see

you will live your life

happy and free.

Recognise the difference

between right and wrong

and this will enable you to sing your own song.

Open up your intuitive side

and you will see your pathways clear and wide.

You can then travel these

with an open mind

and your place in the world

you will find.

Thank you for reading 💖



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