Whatever the Weather

Jo Elliott
Jan 3, 2022


I wrote this while observing the remains of winter

I like it!

Whatever the Weather

It’s officially the beginning of Spring

and I wonder here

what it will bring.

Will we get a late winter snow

and halt a while what has started to grow?

The bees are buzzing happily

and the March winds blow the blossom free.

The drops and bells,

the fields now fill

and everywhere there’s daffodil.

Will April bring more showers new

as the floods from February still seep through?

Are we on the slope to Summer fun

and our days now filled right up with sun?

I guess whatever it may bring,

it’s what’s needed for this part of Earth to sing

which in turn will only benefit us,


embrace it I will,

without a fuss.

Thank you for reading 💖



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